Course Requirements

The Committee on Microbiology requires graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology to take a minimum of nine courses.  Even so, the basis of graduate training in microbiology is the performance of original laboratory research.  The philosophy of graduate classroom training in microbiology is to develop a knowledge base for the first-year graduate student.  The courses MICR 30600, MICR 31600, MICR 33000 and MICR 34600 are designed for graduate students (and upper-level undergraduates) that do not have profound knowledge of the subspecialties of microbiology.  These classes are designed to teach students the available experimental tools and to define the experimental frontier in a field. Upper-level graduate classes examine the most current scientific literature or the development of original research problems.  Microbiology classes are complemented by a set of courses in other disciplines in the Biological Sciences Division.  Interdisciplinary study is encouraged.

Further information on the graduate program and course requirements can be found on the Committee on Microbiology Graduate Program webpage.